What To GiiV

Everyone has something everyone needs

What to GiiV


By donating cash, you become a catalyst for positive change, improving the lives of countless individuals.


We know how much you love your clothes. They probably still fit and look good on you but guess what, it just might look a lot better on the new owner, if you give it away. *winks*


Unconfirmed research has shown that the best way to get new shoes is to give out some you once owned. Wanna try and see?

Food & Groceries

Nobody should go to bed hungry! Nobody at all. At least not on your watch.

Books & Stationeries

Knowledge gained can hardly be forgotten. If this is true, why do you still keep those old books? Someone who hasn’t read them before needs them.

Sponsor Education

Everyone deserves quality education on all levels but in cases when some people cannot afford it, you will be doing the world a lot of good if you make it happen for someone who otherwise may never know the difference between A and B.

Feed a Lot

You want to cook a storm? Go right ahead, add all the sauce there is  and when you are done, there are people happy to eat from your cooking.

Teach Something

You don’t know it until you are able to share it. So go on and prove how much you know it by choosing to transfer the knowledge and even mentor those who really need the wealth of your knowledge and support.


The time spent adding value to a noble cause is never wasted. It is instead, an investment. Share your time and mental resources for the good of the World.

How Can You Help?

The donation of your time and resources will help us save and improve lives with education, shelter, and love.