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GiiV seeks to bridge the gap between need centers and givers by providing a platform to conveniently and anonymously give anything to those who need it, with little to zero stress.





What We Do?

We want to help you
Do Good


Food is one of the basic necessity for everyone, and it is important to us to ensure that less people go hungry when there are people like who willing to share with them. 


What to wear is sometimes a burden for some people, not because they have too many to pick from, but because they have nothing else to wear, and you can be the one to change that story.


Growing up in a family where you feel loved and wanted is one of the greatest gift a child can experience, and we hope to help you share the love beyond bounds.


You have books, or you have a passion to educate others or led to sponsor someone closer to their dream? Then we would be happy to make that happen.

How Can You Help?

The donation of your time and resources will help us save and improve lives with education, shelter, and love.

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